Ready for Credit Crunch 2? Dollar to Strengthen, Euro to Fall

The dollar is about to get strong. It is still weak at the moment and the credit crisis is starting up again in Europe which will cause the Euro to fall majorly against the Dollar. Greece and Portugal and Ireland are already in major trouble as their interest rates are increasing. I am just waiting for Spain and Italy to join them.

As the countries get closer to default the rate of interest they are getting charged goes up.

These are the interest rates that the countries now have to pay on their national debt.

Greece 12.50% (up from 10.35% in July 2010)
Ireland 9.72% (up from 5.41% in July 2010)
Portugal 7.90% (up from 5.44% in July 2010)


Soon Europe will not wish to carry on bailing these countries out, when that happens the Euro is going to lose a lot of value so have any currency but Euro. Even UK sterling is good but the dollar will grow the strongest as it has the most money in circulation and thus has the most money that will disappear from the system during defaults.

I have put all my money into Dollars now and wish for anyone holding Euro to do the same to save them from the loss.

Usually when the interest rate is low in a country that is when it is good to buy that currency. People that go for higher interest rates usually get killed in the devaluation. Look at what happened with Drachmes all those years ago because people thought they were getting good interest and when they came to change their money back to Sterling. They realised it was pretty much worthless. This will likely happen to the Euro as there are many weak countries pulling it down and the strong countries cannot carry the weak forever.

Remember how much the Euro fell during the first credit crunch? Well get ready for credit crunch 2. The big one.


ZeitGeist 3 launches amongst riots around the world.

ZeitGeist Moving Forward launched Yesterday and over on the news were two countries with Violence on the streets.

Is it really happening. I believe that the world is now embarking on a transitional stage that is going to be painful for many. Banks will be collapsing and countries will be going bust. People defaulting on debts will continue to increase and more and more money gets sucked out of the economy leaving less to go around.

Inflationists are at an all time high and everybody things that money is going to become valueless due to a persistent inflation with prices rising ever more and more.

STOP. Inflation is not the threat to society now. It is the pending Deflationary crash that will be upon us soon. It is taking time to unfold but i can see it unfolding all around the Globe. Countries are all just about scraping through with the little money that they have left.

How can the world be in so much debt to itself that countries are going bust? It’s time people woke up and realised that this is just a money game that we humans have created and played for many years.

It’s great that ZeitGeist explains a phenomenon that i have been trying to explain to people for some time. Well done Peter Joseph on your work.

Get your school caps back on guys and watch ZeitGeist 3 documentary. It will open your eyes up to whats happening out there and fill in the blanks for you.

Watch it here:

Who are the PIGS of Europe

Why these countries spell trouble for Europe and the Global Economy.

Original Post

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain also known as PIGS because they are the ones that are showing the most risk of default in Europe.

Now we all know that Greece is in trouble but what of the others.

I expect that the general public will soon know the extent of the damage and that these countries are in dire straights.

If you do not live in these countries and think that you are not affected, think again.

Because of the new global economy many banks and institutions are heavily invested in these countries.

Here in Britain we should worry a lot about what happens in Spain as banks are heavily invested in real estate and other such stuff in spain. If spain goes down it will have a huge drag on other countries like Britain.

In fact these 4 countries may well spell disaster for Europe and the Global economy.

Were still at the turning point for a huge drop in the stock market so hold onto your cash and wait until it bottoms.

Robert Prechter has predicted that a bottom will occur sometime in the year 2016 probably around June time.

This sort of forecasting is very difficult to get right but i do believe that what is coming has not been seen before by anybody that is alive today.

Apple customers are generally happier people.

Apple makes you happy.

It is now in the field of science that today’s rich world of variation and choices is helping to make us unhappy. One of the contributing factors is the overwhelming choice that consumers have today. There are many resources on the net that talk about this phenomenon so i will just try to summarise.

The issue with having so much choice is that we human beings will first ponder over which choice to make. And then, even when we have made that choice, we cannot help but evaluate our decision, always wondering if we made the right choice or if we could have chosen something better.
This plays on the human psyche and helps to make a person less happy regardless of the choice they made. That person can always wonder if it was the correct choice and thus look to any shortcoming that the chosen product has got.

I have been analysing the success of Apple for some years now and there are many reasons for their success but one thing i would like to pick out is the limited choice on offer when you decide to go for an Apple product.

There is one or a maximum two current phone choices that come in limited variations of memory size. The same goes for each product line that they do. First of all an Apple customer only has to decide on their needs, then look at the offers available from the company, then has only to pick from a basic set of variations to help the customer meet his/her needs.

Now Steve Jobs and Apple may or may not be aware of this, but limiting, minimising or stripping down the choice actually helps a person to quickly make a decision and feel much happier about it afterwards.

This overall contributes to the persons well-being as they can be satisfied with their choice and move on.

Hence why you see that being an Apple customer is more than just being a customer. Choosing Apple helps you to be a happier person in life in general! 🙂

This is not specific to Apple and can apply to any such companies out there who share the same ethos.

So if you want to be generally happier and more satisfied, the only big choice you now have to decide on is this. Which company will offer you limited choice but deliver what you need. Once you decide on this, stick to it and cut out all the noise from the rapidly changing world.

Keeping a view that you can choose any product from any company for you next product purchase can certainly help to make you unhappier in the long run.

Stock market to see biggest fall in history. Credit crunch to return

Dow Jones Long Term Prediction 2010Its bad news for the stock market and the world for the next few years i’m afraid.

This is a post i made on my old blog site back in January 15th 2010. Enjoy reading it.

I have long enjoyed reading about the stock market and have found the economy to be an interesting subject and how we humans tend to follow our instincts when investing.

Although i am not a professional i have enjoyed studying it and dabbling with shares on the stock exchange. So here is my shared prediction for a long time now.

Were about to embark on a deflationary depression that the current world has not seen before. It happens every 70-80 years or so when the older generation have finally passed away and we have forgotten the mistakes of our forefathers. Its time that we had another one only this one takes shape in the form of a larger grander scale than ever before due to a 200 year long super cycle that a very intelligent man (Robert Prechter) has uncovered. I truly believe in fractals and elliottwave patterns as i was always fascinated by them as a kid into computers and mathematics.

THE FALL THAT WE WILL WITNESS WILL BE UNPRECEDENTED IN SIZE if nothing out of the ordinary stops it (and by nothing ordinary i mean a comet hitting earth or some other catastrophe which would wipe out the whole stock market anyway)

This Supercylce fall will be a rough ride for the world and I would warn that you keep your cash safe and dump any property or share investments you may have hoping for capital growth. If Prechter is right then you will be glad you took action. If wrong (which i doubt very much) then you will have lost nothing but cashing in your investments.

Deflation is setting in and you are likely to get the best return by holding on to any cash that you may have.

Lots of this information is found in a book that i discovered a few years ago called Conquer the Crash. I found it after trying to buy a proeprty and becoming astounded at the prices. I then went on a mission to find somebody who thought the same and could shed some light on the situation. I am very glad that i discovered it as it has saved me a small fortune so far with the warnings coming way before the credit crunch occurred. But that credit crunch has only scratched the surface. My family have been warned and now i wish to put it also on my blog for all to see.

The book is based on Prechters findings over the years and contains something that i have been studying called ElliotWave Theory and a new subject that has been coined Socionomics.

If you were not aware of Elliottwave and Robert Prechters predictions which historically have been extremely accurate. I urge you to take a look. You heard it here first.

More can be found by visiting Thank you Robert Prechter for uncovering this old discovery and bringing it back to the forefront. You are sure to go down in history for your hard years of labour and having the guts to stand in the face of the herd telling them that most people are just lemmings blindly following the blind with their primordial instincts and not their minds of reason.

I now also hope that gboost helps keep peoples pc’s running well through the hard times when affording upgrades may become difficult.

Have a steady and safe 2010. This information and the information covered in the book should ensure that you do.

Things may be opposite to what you know. Socionomics is groundbreaking

If you have an interest in Money and economics, politics and current affairs, and you have never heard of socionomics before then this will get your ticker going on how you think things work. I hope you have got your school hat on. I’m going to teach you about a new and very interesting new subject that can help predict the future and shed light on what is happening around you.

So to kick off my new found love of blogging, I wish to start with a little bit about a subject that i have been studying for the last few years.

You may have seen the word in my description and wondered what it means. The subject is called socionomics.

How i came about it.

I was first introduced to this subject back in 2005 when i observed property prices around the world going sky high. I myself was a first time buyer contemplating my timing into the property market and when i saw the price of houses I figured that something must be wrong. I remember saying to myself that only 10 years earlier the prices were far far cheaper than they were in 2005.

I went on the internet to start looking for anybody who could shed some light on the situation and came across a book called Conquer the Crash by Robert Prechter. The book made a very interesting read and i would recommend it to anyone who is interested in preserving wealth. Also as a bonus, it opened my world up to a new subject called socionomics. The term socionomics is actually coined by Robert Prechter and is such a young subject that computer dictionarys still do not pick it up as a word.

Knowing what is coming next is such a passion of mine and socionomics is the most fitting subject on having an understanding of how we work as a human race. I really like this subject. It is so fresh and groundbreaking that the word is not even in the dictionary yet!

So what is it.

Socionomy takes a cutting edge scientific view of the worlds people and takes natural observed phenomenon to explain social mood and what effect it has on society. Why is this important you may ask? Well, its findings have gone in the face of many things that we have come to hold as the way the world works and why what we think causes an effect actually isn’t the cause at all!

Ok so you are talking in riddles now please explain it more clearly.

Ok, humans are evolved from natures natural laws. I may blog about some of these in future blogs but for now you must take my word for it that science has made some terrific breakthroughs in the last few decades.

The multiple studies around the world about subjects such as fractals, fibonacci sequence and evolution to the studies of the stock market, fashion or even current number one music chart hits or number one box office movies. These all correlate down to one subject. That is the subject of socionomics.

Ok i’m waffling, now lets try to get a grip on what it is:

I like to play  the stock market from time to time. Lets take a view of this from the stock market as this is where the subject tells us ‘it is like a barometer of social mood’

If you have ever taken an interest or tried to play the stock market you may have come to the conclusion that the news moves the markets. So for instance, if the government announces that the country is in a recession, the stock market should go down due to the negative news. Yet time and time again when you try to use the news to time betting the stock market to go up, or down as a matter of fact, you may be disappointed that the outcome that you thought was going to happen actually didn’t. ‘Oh perhaps some other news must have made the stock market move upwards’ you may say to yourself. Maybe a report on futre growth prospects was the reason it went up. Or jobs are up, maybe that was it?

Well you are close that something else moved the market upwards but i can tell you that according to socionomy, it wasn’t the news that was the cause. In actuality socionomy teaches us quite the opposite.

In actuality, the stock market moved first, then the news came out to try and quantify or explain the move. This is broadly speaking about the current major trend of a market. (There may be small movements that look extremely linked to the news but this will have no overall bearing effect on the current market mood and direction)

You see, this subject maybe counter intuitive to everything you may believe about action and reaction. What socionomics does, is flip it on its head so that what you thought was the cause (ie the news in this case) is actually the effect of the stock market moves or as I like to now see it, the current social mood. (See Ebb and flow further down)

So what is social mood?

Seing as though we are animalistic in our nature evolving from millions of years of evolution (read any good science book on this if unsure) we have some in built instincts that are very overpowering. These instincts are the same mechanisms that make your adrenaline pump during perceived fight or flight situations or attract you to a beautiful woman or handsome man. They are in built into the early part of our brain. Our primordial brain so to speak. And if you look at the evolutionary tree, only later does our brain get bigger and form the outer part of our minds. This is where we find our ability to reason.

So being human is to be in constant battle between reason and instinct.

What has been observed through studies is that our primordial part of our brain is more overpowering than our reasoning. It is based closer to the spine and hence can somehow overrule our reasoning many times in situations in our life.

Stop and think about it a second. How many times have you known that something is not good for you yet you go ahead and do it anyway?

Herding  principal:

Throughout humanities evolution we seem to have picked up a natural herding instinct. Sheep are the most commonly known animals observed herding although wolves hunting in packs or birds flocking in flight together can also be classed as herding. This is most likely to do with ancient safety in numbers being a mechanism for survival.

Let me give you an example of human herding: Somebody tells you the exact location, for sure, that there is pot of gold in the woods near the field that you are standing in and if you retrieve it in the next 10 minutes, it is yours. You quickly make a dash to get the gold and 50 yards before you enter  you see dozens of people running out of the woods towards you in a panicked state, somebody screams ‘Bear’, at you,  as they run past. Now, Do you continue running into the woods or do you turn around and run away from the bear that these people are running from. You haven’t seen the bear with your own eyes but are quite convinced by the panic in the peoples faces.

You have no weapons and don’t fancy your chances against an angry bear for no amount of gold. Most likely you will follow your strongly impulsive instincts and you will turn and run with the crowd. This is called herding.

We humans use the humans around us to help guide us for survival. Its in our nature and socionomics views this as the herding impulse or principal.

The ebb and flow of social mood:

So you now hopefully agree that we humans still herd just like the animals we view in the animal world. Why is this so important. Well, our mood, it seems, is quite contagious in that we pick it up from other humans. BEing with somebody cheery can make you feel, well, quite cheery. Or watching someone yawn can very often cause you to yawn sometimes almost in unison.

This mood spreads through society in waves only it is not coming from any particular source. There is no observable leader. Just one person passing on his mood to the next person. Just as there is no leader in a herd of sheep, there is no dictator/leader in the price of a stock on the stock exchange. Only peoples opinion of that stock is what counts and we get our cues from the mood of the other people playing that stock.

So whats important about the stock exchange and its relationship to socionomy

Well, the stock market indices are a good indicator of social mood as they are always available to view as a single price that is moving up or down. There are many other ways to measure current social mood but i find the worlds stock market indexes a very good indicator of current social mood and where it is heading.

So where are we heading?

There worlds mood is entering a phase of negative and fearful state at present that could last well into 2016 and possibly beyond. Most people will become aware of this phenomenon in at or around the year 2012. Please don’t despair. This is a natural fractal like movement that will pass just as it has in the past. So the prediction in this blog tells you that we are headed for darker times.

Just being aware of what is to come will most likely ease the worry of not understanding or knowing what is happening to the world when we are in the midst of crisis.

Now that you have read and digested this blog. You will understand about my angle on how i look at the world, it helps me tremendously in understanding what is happening to us and why even governments and big businesses such as the banks can makes such huge errors in judgement. After all, it is part of being human.

I have some personal blogs about the state of the economy and the subject of money that i will copy and paste into this new wordpress blog in due course.

If this article interested you then i urge you to read up more on socionomics by visiting

iPhone 4 Fever hits! My quest to keep my UK unlimited internet contract deal succeeded!

Stav and iPhone 4

Stav and his new found love. Namely the iPhone 4. Thanks again Steve Jobs and Apple

Mission: To get an iPhone 4 and keep my unlimited internet tariff deal.

Obstacle 1: O2 are trying their hardest to get the public off this current deal and onto a new deal.

Obstacle 2: O2 are trying to use the microsim as a way to wean you off your old contract by offering a new deal to activate the sim.

Solution? Read down:

So a few weeks ago i decided that i wanted to keep my unlimited internet deal for those times of heavy use. I figured out that O2 were having some issues with their network struggling to contain the load on the servers. They had two options in my opinion. Option 1 was to upgrade the systems to cope and keep the current tariffs and option 2 was to cut everybody’s usage down or at least make extra money off the heavy users. They picked option 2 and i was none too impressed.

Now i am not a very heavy user but i can go through periods of heavy usage and i do not like the idea of not knowing where i stand when using data so i decided that i was on a mission: I was going to get an iPhone 4 and keep my current deal no matter what.

First thing i did was order the phone sim free directly from Apple, this way O2 did not have full control over my new deal. This is a rather expensive option but if you rack up lots of usage on the internet during the year then its worth it.

Second i had to figure out how to get hold of a micro sim as i couldn’t just slot my existing sim into the iPhone 4. Getting hold of the micro sim was easy as o2 ask for your proof of purchase then gift you a sim for free.

The issue came when i tried to activate my sim card. O2 told me that in order to get the sim activated I would have to end my current contract (And pay the remainder of the time left!) then apply for a sim only deal with their new iPhone 4 contract that only includes limited internet usage!. I was also told that that was the only way i could get my micro sim activated and that they were sorry that i had payed so much for the phone and that i should have just gone into the store and got an upgrade through the normal route.

I was appalled at this manoeuvre from O2 and started to wrack my brains on how to get around this issue.

Being an ex-mobile phone shop and repair centre owner I knew that there should be a way to make this happen, i was determined not to let O2 get the better of me on this one. After all, i did get this deal fair and square and now i wish to have the latest and greatest gadget (namely the iPhone 4). Is it too much to ask O2 to honour the remainder of my contract with the deal that i signed up for?!  After some digging around the net and calling a well clued up friend, i came up with two possible solutions.

Now i try to be an honest guy in life and one of the solutions involved slight dishonesty but i will post them both up in this blog.

I discovered that a micro sim is completely backwards compatible with a standard phone using an adaptor that it comes with and i wondered if it would work the other way round? I quickly purchased a standard sized Pay and Go sim card from O2 and went back to my office to experiment.

I activated this card and with a trusty pair of scissors went to work on it. After some careful cutting i had made my own micro sim. I then proceeded to insert the sim into an iPad to discover that it worked correctly and displayed the signal. Fantastic. I now had a way to get my existing sim to fit into the iPhone 4 seeing as though they both take this new standard in sim cards.

I realised that cutting up your sim card is not for the faint hearted so i started looking for a better solution. I also prefered to use a proper micro sim rather than a cut up sim.

And here is the slightly dishonest bit. I rang O2 and told them that my contract sim card is getting worn out and that i had picked up a replacement sim from O2. (I’m not sure how dishonest i was here because my sim card is 2 years old and getting worn :))

I then asked if they could port my number across to this new replacement sim card. (I didn’t mention that it was a micro sim card)

They gladly asked me for the new sim number (from the back of the sim card) and then proceeded to transfer my existing deal onto this new replacement micro sim! Their computer systems treated the micro sim as just another ordinary sim. I did suspect that this would be the case as big companies are not witty enough to make these kinds of manoeuvres from day one.

Hey presto. I now have an iPhone 4 with a micro sim, it took around 5 hours to activate (busy day today with all the iPhone deals). My existing contract and unlimited internet deal stays in tact and i can use the iPhone 4 as it was intended to be used.

As an added bonus i did not have to queue as the phone came delivered to my door (PAying £600 just for the luxury of not having to queue can be seen as excessive but i was on a mission for unlimited internet here)

Roll on the free skype calls, radio players, youtube downloads, catchup TV and other bandwidth hungry applications.

And all before the close of the Launch day.

I hope you guys out there in the same predicament find this information useful. I cannot say for how long you will be able to do this until O2 figure out a way to completely force us onto their new deal.

If they ever do stop transferring normal sized sims onto micro sims you can always fall back on the micro sim cutting. I have links to videos on how to cut up your sim as well knowledge of special tools coming soon that can punch out the perfect micro sim from your existing sim. Just comment up if you would like me to post these up.

So now you are in the know. You should decide. Is it worth buying the iPhone outright just to have unlimited internet. This will not suit all but for those of you who needed this info. Enjoy!

Until my next blog.

P.S. Why not try out our iPhone app called VoCal. You can find it by searching for Voice Reminders Lite in the app store! More info on our company website